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visit nepal 2011The year 2011 has officially been designated by the Nepal Tourism Board as the VisitNepal tourism year
With the aim of attracting a target number of 1 million visitors, NTB has undertaken the Visit Nepal 2011 initiative with full backing of the government of Nepal. Already, the country attracts almost 4/5 hundred thousand visitors each year, but the figure does not do justice to a the country which has so much to offer.

After years of inaction and indifference, the stakeholders in the country's tourism industry has now decided to take action on their own with great fervor. They are not alone in the endeavor this time though. The Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation is also behind the campaign wholeheartedly and hopes the event will help create more jobs and reduce poverty. In this regard, a great deal of money has been poured into upgrading basic infrastructures such as airports, development of new trekking routes and renovations of popular tourist attractions.

The promotional initiative comes right after the successful completion of historic constitutional election and cessation of 14 year long people’s war, during which the tourism industry was among the most hardly hit industries in the country.


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